Frequently Asked Question

  1. 1. Can I send you request?
  2. - Yes, you can. But we do not do custom request. If your  suggestion is interesting, we will answer you.

  3. 2. Can I be your slave?
  4. - No, you cannot. Our girls are not professional mistresses. They just like to have fun.

  5. 3. Where can I login to my member section?
  6. - You can login on HOME page of the DuneFeet Website.

  7. 4. Where can I cancel my membership?
  8. - You don't have to cancel your membership, if you have the credit card. You will received an e-mail a few days before your subscription is to expire, so you must re-enter your credit card as consent for the rebilling. If you still want to do that, you can cancel it HERE for CCBill users or HERE for PayPal users.

  9. 5. What payment system can I use?
  10. - DuneFeet offers two types of payment systems to our members, CCBill & PayPal. In both payment systems, you can pay with your VISA, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express and Discover Credit Cards.

  11. 6. Where do I get login information if I pay with PayPal?
  12. - We are sending you the password for login to your email, and you will be using your PayPal email address.

  13. 7. Can I change the password that I have received from PayPal payment?
  14. - No, it is not possible for you to change the password, as the password is randomly generated and they last for long as your subscription is paid.

  15. 8. Subscription Options?
  16. - There are three Options

    30 Days Membership - 29.99 Euros

    90 Days Membership - 79.99 Euros

    180 Days Membership - 149.99 Euros

  17. 9. If I have problems with login, who do I contact and how?
  18. - If you have any problems logging in, please do write an email on or, we will be happy to provide you with fast answers and help.

  19. If you have any other questions please do feel free to contact us on our Contact Page.